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Sunday Jan 19

The Hotline

The Hotline for preventing illegal migration and combating trafficking in human beings began its operation in February 2006. The consultants by phone provide necessary information on the following issues:

·        Employment abroad;

·        Education abroad;

·        Tourism;

·        Marriage to a foreign citizen;

·        Repatriation and support to the victims of trafficking in human beings.

The Hotline operates daily from 8.00 till 23.00

Calls are anonymous, confidential and free from anywhere in Transnistria.

Call us – 0 800 88888

For calls from abroad +373 533 86030


As of today more than 5 000 calls have been registered. During the time of their work consultants opened 168 SOS-cases*.

The purpose of the work of the Hotline is the prevention of illegal migration and risks connected with it (Related to it-?), including trafficking in human beings. The role of the Hotline is significant for people with limited access to the mass media and limited possibilities to obtain qualified assistance and counseling. The consultants provide necessary information about going abroad to find job, for education, marriage and vacation. Through the reintegration program the organization with the support of the International Organization for Migration provides assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings.


The most pressing issue for subscribers calling the Hotline is employment abroad. Subscribers who ask for employment counseling often do not have a job offer. The consultations concerning preparation of documents for going abroad are also relevant among the population. Information requested by Hotline subscribers indicates the current low level of awareness of people about their rights and opportunities and lack of ability to defend their interests and rights.

Analysis of incoming calls shows the main trafficking trends in the region, helps identify target groups and plan the preventive activities.

The Hotline consultants constantly update the database with new information on migration rules, innovations; monitor the changes in the legislations of different countries. Analysis of advertisements lets react to changes in the market offers, and thus the demand for them from our subscribers.   

The Hotline consultants continually collect and systematize the necessary information; maintain records, statistical and qualitative analyses of incoming calls, and also draft articles for the press and site of organization.

Availability and timeliness are the basic principle of the effectiveness of the Hotline.

*SOS-calls are urgent calls related to trafficking in human beings.


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  • Маша

    18 лет. Из сложной сельской семьи.
    Провела в рабстве в Турции 3 месяца.
    Чудом ей удалось позвонить на телефон «Горячей линии» (+ 373 533 86030 – звонок из-за рубежа).

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